Certificate of Deposit For Retirement

Many investors purchase CDs for retirement planning. A certificate of deposit can be a good retirement planning investment choice because it is much safer than some other investment options but offers better interest than a standard banking or checking account.

Although CD interest rates are lower than many other investments, the compensation for this is the safety and security that CDs offer.

As you approach retirement, you do not want to take any unnecessary risks with your portfolio. In fact, CDs can be considered a wealth preservation tool, as they can be used for both capital preservation and for a steady and reliable income stream.

In addition, if you have achieved a comfortable level of savings for your retirement, you can add certificates of deposit to your portfolio in order to protect those savings and still earn interest as well.

Finding the Highest CD Rates

Finding the best CD rates is simply a matter of shopping around and inquiring about certificate of deposit interest at various financial companies. For example, you can compare certificate of deposit rates by visiting several local banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. Although the actual investments may be similar, rates can and do vary from one firm to another.  Financial firms that are in need of raising funds may offer higher CD rates than other institutions.

You can also compare CD rates online. The internet provides a fast and convenient way to find rates that are suitable for your retirement planning goals. And, there are many online financial institutions that can offer you both short and long term CDs via accounts that are directly set up online.

An additional way to achieve higher CD interest rates is to invest in longer term CDs with larger amounts of committed capital – Jumbo CDs. In return for tying up your funds for longer periods of time, banks and other financial institutions are willing to offer you higher rates of return. If you go this route, be sure that you are willing to invest a certain sum of money for the long term. Otherwise, should you need to withdraw your funds prior to the CD’s maturity, you will face a CD penalty.

If you are seeking more of a long term income approach from your retirement portfolio, then investing in long term CDs with higher interest rates may be an attractive strategy for you.

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