CD Interest Rate Calculator

Using a certificate of deposit interest rate calculator can help you to determine your CD rate of return based on the CD rates you will receive. By allowing you to run these calculations, you can even compare CD rates online and find the best CD rates for your financial situation.

Using a compound interest calculator, you can determine how much money you will have saved with your CD after a specific time period. The calculator can also show you how much of your CDs final balance is due to interest earnings. And, the calculator can also show you how different rates of interest can affect your overall outcome.

When using the compound interest calculator, you will need to enter certain information in order to come up with the desired outcome. This includes:

  • The amount of your original deposit
  • The APY, or annual percentage yield, that you will receive
  • The period of time that you will hold your CD, or the CD’s maturity (most compound interest calculators will allow you to enter this time frame either in months or in years)

Once you have entered the necessary information, the CD compound interest calculator will show you how much your single CD deposit will be worth in the future. You can also use the CD rate calculator to compare your other accounts to see if you are getting the highest rate of return possible and if not, you can determine if it is worth it to switch over to a CD with a better rate.

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